Why PPC is the Best Way of Marketing?

  • SPEED : Brings You Traffic Immediately
  • TARGETING : More Precise Than SEO OR SMM
  • Placement : Get Top Spot Quickly
  • Cost : A Fine Cost & High ROI
  • Timeliness : Can Be Stressed More On Seasonal Offers

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PPC Dubai

PRomoting Webs are certified Google AdWords Professionals and every member of staff who carries out pay per click management is a qualified Google Advertising Professional. Our most experienced members have been involved in setting up and managing campaigns on the major PPC search engines since it all began.
Our managed pay per click (PPC) advertising services include:

  1. professional account set up with all the major PPC search engines
  2. free website analytics set up with e-commerce tracking
  3. daily monitoring and optimization of keywords and ad copy
  4. competitive intelligence
  5. brand management through content networks
  6. landing-page optimisation through A/B split & multivariable testing
  7. trademark protection
  8. local business adverts
  9. concise monthly, weekly or daily reports
Save time & drive traffic

Management of your PPC campaigns through maintaining keyword bids and ad copy will save you time and help you keep up with competitors. Effective optimisation and analysis of your account will ensure you pay less for your clicks and drive more traffic.

Save up to 80% on bids

Since advertisers change their bid prices regularly, the bid gaps and positions will also change frequently. We optimize your quality score, bid prices, times and targeting to ensure your campaign is positioned for maximum benefit.

Competitive intelligence

Once we understand your competitors’ ad strategies and identify the keywords they are using in their campaigns we are armed with the information to beat them at their own game.

Comprehensive reporting

Get comprehensive monthly, weekly or daily reports on your keywords, bidding costs, positions and return on investment for each keyword.


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